Help Bring Needed Relief To Persecuted Christians in Iraq And Syria

Millions of Christians have been forced from their homes and villages often with little more than the clothing on their backs. For these victims of religious persecution, life is now a constant struggle – foraging for food, shelter and medical attention. Liberty Relief International is working with Christ-centered organizations to help rebuild the shattered lives of these victims -- compassionately providing for their needs whether it be for food, water, medicine, counseling, housing and security.

We Must Help Our Brothers And Sisters!

In the face of persecution and disaster, Liberty Relief International (LRI) is working with global partners to provide emergency food, water, shelter, housing and other essentials to the broken and the persecuted worldwide. By partnering with LRI today, you can help alleviate pain and suffering on a global scale.

EMERGENCY WINTER NEED: Please help LRI meet a critical need this month for displaced persecuted believers facing extereme difficulties compounded by threatening winter conditions. We must raise $30,000 THIS MONTH to rush relief to these believers and continue other vital efforts
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